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May 18
Tagged with: Apicoectomy

Root canal therapy is the only treatment that can save an infected tooth. This effective procedure boasts high success rates, but there are still times when a root canal-treated tooth may become re-infected. When a root-canal treated tooth becomes re-infected, apicoectomy treatment may be necessary.

Apr 17

Archeological evidence and recorded history show that humans have sought permanent solutions to tooth loss for at least 4,000 years. Those early attempts made use of available materials like stone, metal, and seashells. Modern-day implants use surgical-grade titanium and other biocompatible materials. 

Apr 2

A root canal infection is a dental emergency that requires immediate endodontic treatment. Following your root canal, there are three options for restoring your tooth. A dental crown is one restoration that protects your tooth and restores lost tooth structure.

Feb 17
Sedation dentistry is ideal or many different procedures and treatment. Dr. Bruno Lemay discusses the benefits of anxiety-free dental care.
Jan 17
A little tooth enamel must be removed to place a porcelain veneer. The team at Desert Dental Alternatives considers who is a good candidate for the procedure.
Dec 17
The team at Desert Dental Alternatives discuss proper crown aftercare, including diet do’s and don’ts, proper oral hygiene, and practical patient tips.
Nov 15
Tagged with: Dental Bridges

At Desert Dental Alternatives, we can provide our patients with a dental bridge to replace missing teeth and restore the smile.

Oct 18
Tagged with: Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Bruno Lemay goes over common root canal infection symptoms that may indicate it is time for a dental exam and restorative dentistry treatment.

Sep 18
Tagged with: Dental Crowns

Dr. Bruno Lemay provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding sensitivity after dental crown treatment.

Aug 17

After teeth whitening, patients should be careful drinking coffee and red wine. Dr. Bruno Lemay explains why and offers cosmetic dentistry advice.

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