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Oct 21

When patients have missing teeth, there are several options for them to choose from, including dentures and dental implants. We discuss the main differences between dentures vs. dental implants, including the treatment process, appearance, and functionality.

Oct 29
Tagged with: Dental Implants

Dr. Bruno Lemay goes over the typical dental implant treatment timeline for patients at his dental practice.

May 2
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Are you missing several or even all of your teeth? At Desert Dental Alternatives, we offer dental implants for multiple tooth replacement.

Jun 16

When missing a single tooth, a dental implant can be used to support a crown. Let's consider candidates for this type of treatment.

Dec 16

If you suffer from tooth loss, dental implant treatment may be right for you. Discover the difference between traditional versus mini dental implants here.

Jun 17

The dental implant surgery recovery process is absolutely essential to the success of the procedure. Find out what this process entails.

Dec 16

Dental implants are a great restorative dentistry solution for missing teeth. Let's see who is an ideal candidate.

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