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Sep 18
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Since the front teeth are so prominent, it is important that they look their best. Dental crowns for the front teeth may be recommended to address various oral health issues. Our dental team explains the purpose of crowns, when they should be placed on the front teeth, the installation process, and maintaining crowns.

Apr 2

A root canal infection is a dental emergency that requires immediate endodontic treatment. Following your root canal, there are three options for restoring your tooth. A dental crown is one restoration that protects your tooth and restores lost tooth structure.

Dec 17
The team at Desert Dental Alternatives discuss proper crown aftercare, including diet do’s and don’ts, proper oral hygiene, and practical patient tips.
Sep 18
Tagged with: Dental Crowns

Dr. Bruno Lemay provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding sensitivity after dental crown treatment.

Sep 10
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Dr. Bruno Lemay can maximize your porcelain crown benefits, providing restorations that appear natural and restore your bite.

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