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A smile with beautiful white teeth If the appearance of your teeth is causing you to hide your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be able to help. Cosmetic dentistry treatments improve the smile by addressing dental flaws and imperfections, revealing a smile you can feel confident about. 

For those who feel insecure about the shape or size of their teeth, cosmetic tooth contouring may be the right treatment option. At Desert Dental Alternatives, Dr. Bruno Lemay offers cosmetic tooth contouring to patients in Cathedral City, CA, and neighboring areas to reshape the teeth and enhance the overall appearance of the smile. 

What Is Cosmetic Tooth Contouring?

Cosmetic tooth contouring is a treatment used to improve the appearance of the smile by directly altering the shape or size of the teeth. It can be used to address other minor cosmetic dental flaws such as small chips or overlapping teeth. 

Tooth contouring is different from other cosmetic dentistry procedures in that it improves the appearance of the smile through the removal of a small amount of enamel. Removing small amounts of enamel makes it possible to reduce the appearance of imperfections while preserving the health of the teeth. 

How Is Tooth Contouring Performed?

Tooth contouring is performed by removing small amounts of enamel, the hard, outer layer of the teeth. Enamel is removed using a laser or sometimes a drill. 

Care is taken to remove as little enamel as possible so that the inner structures of the teeth, including the pulp and nerves, can remain protected. 

The tooth contouring procedure is generally quick and can be completed in a single appointment, allowing our Cathedral City patients to enjoy immediate results. 

How Can Tooth Contouring Improve the Smile?

Tooth contouring is a great option for people with healthy teeth who would like to treat minor imperfections and improve the overall appearance of their smile. 

Tooth contouring can be used to address a variety of minor cosmetic dental issues, including:

  • Smoothing out small chips along the edge of the teeth 
  • Reducing minor overlap between teeth to create a straighter looking smile
  • Correcting the shape of teeth that are slightly pointed or otherwise misshapen 
  • Reducing the size of large teeth to improve dental proportions 

Candidates for Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

While tooth contouring is a great option for many people, not everyone is a good candidate. Ideal candidates should have generally good oral health, including healthy gums and teeth. The teeth must also have sufficient enamel to withstand the removal of enamel needed for treatment. 

Those who do not have enough enamel or have more significant cosmetic flaws, like large chips or severely misshapen teeth, may be better suited to alternative cosmetic dental treatments such as porcelain veneers and dental bonding. 

Find Out If Cosmetic Tooth Contouring Is Right for You

If you have minor dental imperfections and want to improve the appearance of your smile, tooth contouring may be right for you. To learn more about tooth contouring or other cosmetic dentistry options, please call (760) 324-4450 to schedule a consultation with Cathedral City dentist Dr. Lemay.

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