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Dental Crowns for Front Teeth

by Bruno Lemay, D.M.D.
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Woman hugging man, both smiling with healthy-looking teethDental crowns are a great way to restore the appearance and function of teeth. Dentists can place them anywhere in the mouth, including on the front teeth. At our Cathedral City, CA, practice, Dr. Bruno Lemay uses dental crowns for the front teeth to provide a seamless, natural-looking appearance.

When patients visit our office, Dr. Lemay can determine if a crown is an appropriate choice. During a consultation, he assesses your oral health and customizes a restorative dentistry treatment plan to best fit your needs. We use the best materials to ensure your crowns are durable and long-lasting. When you choose us, rest assured you will be receiving the highest level of care possible.

When Are Crowns Used?

Crowns serve many purposes and can provide strength to weak and damaged teeth. We use crowns for cavities that are too large for a filling. Teeth with cracks and breaks can also benefit from this restorative treatment. Your dentist might decide to place crowns if your teeth are worn due to aging, illness, or medication usage. Additionally, crowns are placed after root canals to provide additional strength.

How Can They Improve My Front Teeth?

When it comes to front teeth, dental crowns are often the ideal option to restore their health, function, and appearance. Front teeth that are chipped and cracked can be revitalized at our Cathedral City office. Since crowns are shaped like your natural teeth, they blend in well and are undetectable. Not only do they provide a great appearance, but they can restore your ability to chew and enhance your self-esteem.

How Does the Dentist Place Crowns?

Before Dr. Lemay places your crowns, he ensures they are customized to fit your front teeth comfortably and naturally. During a consultation, he takes photos and makes impressions of your teeth. The dentist sends these images to the laboratory where technicians create your crowns.

Dental crowns are made out of various materials, including metal, zirconia, porcelain, and resin. For the front teeth, we typically recommend porcelain since it better matches the look and color of natural teeth.

Once your crowns are ready, Dr. Lemay uses local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. He will treat any underlying problems like decay before placing the crown. The tooth is carefully shaped to ensure the crown will match. At our Cathedral City office, Dr. Lemay will cement the crown to your front teeth with a special dental bond. Your crown will be securely in place.

How Do I Keep My Crowns Looking Their Best?

Patients should visit their dentist regularly to make sure that the crowns are performing as intended. Your doctor can check that they are secure and your bite is properly aligned. During routine check-ups, the dentist can assess your oral health to ensure there is no decay, gum disease, or structural damage.

To optimize oral health, you should follow a regular oral hygiene regimen. Crowns must be brushed and flossed daily just like natural teeth. The better your oral health, the better your crowns look and function.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns for the front teeth, please contact our office at (760) 324-4450. Our dental team will schedule you for a consultation to determine if crowns are right for you.

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