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Root Canal Therapy Retreatment after a Failed Procedure

Root Canal Therapy Retreatment - Rancho Mirage, CA

by Bruno Lemay, D.M.D.

Model depicting the different layers of a toothWhen tooth decay penetrates the inner chamber of a tooth, the roots are irreversibly compromised. In such cases, root canal therapy, a common endodontic treatment, is generally required to eliminate pain and restore the tooth’s structure.

If left untreated, pain and decay will only continue to increase and can eventually cause further damage and tooth loss. Root canal therapy involves removing the diseased pulp and replacing it with a material known as gutta percha. The tooth is then capped with a customized dental crown.

If you have recently undergone treatment at another practice, but are experiencing ongoing pain and difficulty chewing, you may require root canal therapy retreatment. Dr. Lemay has received extensive endodontic treatment training, making him an excellent choice for patients living in the Rancho Mirage, CA area.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Retreatment Necessary?

When the tooth fails to heal properly, root canal therapy retreatment can be performed to help prevent an extraction. Ongoing pain, dental sensitivity, and difficulty chewing are all signs you may need to seek retreatment. Complications can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • All the unhealthy tissue and bacteria were not completely removed
  • Salivary contamination occurred during the procedure
  • The dentist performing the procedure was inexperienced
  • The tooth incurred a fracture
  • The dental crown was improperly affixed, allowing for contamination
  • Complications went undetected during the initial procedure

Steps Involved

During retreatment, Dr. Lemay will numb the tooth with a local anesthetic. If you are uneasy about undergoing another root canal therapy, we also offer oral conscious sedation for patients who struggle from dental anxiety. You will be given a pill to take a few hours before the procedure that will allow you to achieve a calm and relaxed state. Due to the nature of its effects, you will need to have a loved one drive you to the procedure.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Lemay will set up a special tent around the tooth to prevent saliva from contaminating the area. He will then remove the cap or filling and any other material to gain access to the center of the tooth. Using state-of-the-art technology, he will capture high-resolution images of the inner structure of your tooth to determine the cause of your pain. If you have abnormal root anatomy, he may recommend a root amputation. This leaves the tooth structure intact but eliminates any roots that are causing complications.

After the center of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, Dr. Lemay will fill it with gutta-percha and cap the tooth with a custom-made dental crown. This will protect the tooth from further damage, as well as restore its structural integrity so you can enjoy complete dental function.

Retreatment can help save your natural tooth, preventing an extraction and costly restorative procedures. When root canal therapy is properly performed and your restoration is well cared for, your retreated tooth can last you for many years.

Eliminate Your Dental Discomfort

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