Meet Dr. Bruno Lemay

Dr. Bruno Lemay

Dr. Lemay's thirty years of experience make him a complete practitioner. His dental practices in a secluded area north of Quebec afforded him the opportunity to learn and practice all fields of dentistry from cosmetic treatments to the most complex root canals and dental surgeries.

When visiting Dr. Lemay's office, you will be treated by a dentist with the finest technology available, and by a professional able to perform most procedures in the dental field. This will enable patients to have most dental treatment performed at our office, rather than being referred to other dentists.

With Dr. Lemay's extensive experience, patients realize that they will be provided all the different alternatives possible for each of their dental related needs, not only one solution.  Patients have the opportunity to be in control of their dental choices.  Hence, the name of the office is Desert Dental Alternatives.

Dr. Bruno Lemay is the sole owner of Desert Dental Alternatives.  Dr. Lemay has a fellowship from the California Implant Institute and is the founder of CMI Institute (The Canadian Mini-Implant Institute).  CMI specializes in the education and training of dentists throughout Canada and California in the Mini-Implant technique that Dr. Lemay has utilized and improved since 2001.  Please see Dr. Lemay's other credentials below.


  • Practiced Dentistry for eight years in Quebec, Canada. Managed and opened ten dental offices. Supervised and trained a team of nine dentists.
  • Obtained certificates in Orthodontics in 1992 from the Institute Dentaire International of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.
  • Attended UCLA in 1998. Studied for Masters Degree in Oral Biology.
  • Obtained California Dental license in 1999.
  • Consulted in several Dental Offices in the desert area from 2000 to 2003, performing endodontic and periodontal procedures.
  • Became sole owner of the new dental clinic, Desert Dental Alternatives in Cathedral City in 2003.
  • Member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry since 2002.
  • Member of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
  • Fellow in implantology from the California Implant Institute.
  • Founder of CMI Institute (Canadian Mini Implant Institute), specializing in the teaching of the Mini-implant technique. 

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